It is very clear that the wedding dress is the main and most important thing in any wedding, but the bride and groom should stand out equally and receive the same amount of flattery. However, choosing the right suit is not an easy task.

Here are some tips for you not to go unnoticed. Leave excuses aside! Do not be afraid to experiment with colors, shapes or styles.

Choose your suit according to the day. If your wedding is during the day, we recommend wearing a jacket, vest and pants. However, if your wedding is at night it is better to wear a tuxedo and a bow tie. However, if you do not like the excess of formality and prefer a suit with vest, you can add a special touch with a colorful bow.

Complete your suit with the right items. For example, cufflinks are accessories that bring elegance and distinction. They will give your style a personal touch. Top your clothes with the right footwear, you can choose balmoral boots or shoes with laces. Moccasins are forbidden!

Do not leave it for the last minute! If your outfit will be tailor-made, it is important that you try it on approximately thirty days in advance, and if you are going to buy a suit, please don’t go shopping one hour before your wedding.

Listen to other people’s advice. There are always doubts as to choosing the best outfit. Your fiancé is the right person to go with you, basically because you are dressing up for her. Although your father, brother or a friend can be very helpful too. We advise you not to go with more than three people, since they can confuse you when it comes to choose the right suit.

Finally, remember that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and your bride should be most impressed with what you are wearing. Have fun choosing and do not complicate things. We are sure she will love it!

                                                                 Por: Jorge Vazquéz / El Unico


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