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With more than 25 years of experience as a Company and 30 years as musicians the A.M.S. Grupo Amadeus, offers the best performers and musicians in Southeast Mexico. United with the purpose of providing musical services of the highest quality and having as main value the complete satisfaction of our customers with QUALITY, CONFIDENCE AND PROFESSIONALISM.

Our values

For the Agencia de Música del Sureste: A.M.S. (Southeast Music Agency), the most important thing is the complete satisfaction of its customers, that is why we count with excellent musicians, both national and foreign, thus taking care of our total quality service and most importantly, confidence and professionalism for our customers.

Our Market

Any musical event is our specialty, we organize private concerts with local artists of international level with “Orquesta y Coro” (Orchestra and Choir), multidisciplinary and regional shows, with Ballet and typical instruments, “Mestiza Wedding and the traditional Vaquería”. We also serve special presentations, exhibitions, inaugurations and of course religious wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Our clients

We have performed in the most prestigious churches and scenarios in Southeast Mexico. Our Emblem group (Amadeus Quartet) has played for Presidential General Staff since 1995, participating in social events for different Presidents of the nation, Secretaries of State, Ambassadors and Prime Ministers, both in Yucatan and in Q. Roo. Our Orchestra (Amadeus)


  • Fiesta Americana Merida Hotel, interpreting a program of famous and distinguished waltzes of the time.
  • Villa Mercedes Hotel with traditional musical selections.
  • Olimpo Cultural Center with an international music concert.
  • “Boxito” stores in Yucatan and Q. Roo.
  • Mérida’s Holiday Inn and Hyatt Hotels anniversaries.
  • Volvo, Jaguar, Lincoln and Audi Car dealerships.
  • Liverpool Department sotre on the year 2000, we enlivened the of
  • Sears “night sales” at North and Downtown branches.

We have played at private dinners for the most demanding clients such as political figures, artists, high level businessmen such as Grupo Dicas, Grupo Boxito, etc.

We have played with Yucatecan musical legend and recording artist Armando Manzanero (we even plyaed at his civil wedding in the house of his son Diego In the Ceiba of Mérida. Yuc.).

We have collaborated with other national and international artists such as Maria Medina and Oscar Chávez, as well as with world famous opera singer Tenor Lucciano Pavarotti in his show “Voces de Chichèn Itza” in 2008.

We played at former governor of Yucatan Patricio Patron’s wedding in Itzimna.

Amadeus performed live for the first lady of the United States Hillary Clinton in her visit to Yucatan (in the year 1995).

Music for hotels and company events, Cocktails, Banquets, Dinners, Presentation, Conventions and Congresses, Music for Cruises, awards ceremony, etc., all these events are our specialty. We go from a duet, to dance music, and up to a band of 8 members with metal horns, and we also have the most exclusive selection of jazz music.


  • -Coro para misas
  • -Musica para recepción de eventos

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